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You need to buy an unlock code to use the software after 30 days.

Click here to buy an unlock code for $24.95 (price validity: click on the share-it button)


You will get an unlock code from Share-it
IMPORTANT: check you currency on each page, if you buy the software.



Supsubmit is not for beginners.

You need some notions of HTML to use this software, and you need probably to be a webmaster to use it (usually, you need a website).

Don't buy this software if you are a beginner of the Internet.

Supsubmit fills up forms to submit these forms, but there is no guarantees on the result of these submissions: you have to follow the rules of the websites where you are submitting.

If you need to submit a single site, Supsubmit is probably not the best solution for you, because it takes time to learn how to use this software. Once you master this application, it is very powerful (and probably more powerful than other submitters, since you have everything on hand).



Go to Share-it's page dedicated to Supsubmit to get the price of the software. The price on this current web page is not contractual (but this price should be the same as the price at Share-It).

The price of the software can change without any warning.


Use a good subject, in your mails to contact us (for example with the name of the software and your question).

"Help me" is not a good subject (or title) and we don't bother to read messages like that.

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General term of sales:

FAQ for sales: click here

Thanks to check that the software works on your computer before you buy it! Don't buy the software if you notice that it is not working in free mode.

General term of sales:

1- The contractual language is french, and the law in application is the french law.

2- You have to test that the unregistered version works on your computer before you buy a key.

3- you are not allowed to share your license, and you can't install the software with the same license on more than 1 computer (this setting may be used as protection on further versions).

4- If you buy a license, you buy only the right to use the software more than 30 days.

The technical support is free and provided at the own discretion of the programmer. You don't need to buy the software to get a support or to report a bug.

5- You agree to use the software at your own risk, and as it is.
6- The software, the website, and the support are "as available"
7- A key is personal and inalienable, you are not allowed to share it.

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